Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Keep on Truckin!!!

So today has been a day I want to forget.

My uncle Mike got on the road yesterday headed for the Olympus Rally driving the PPD Motorsports Truck and Trailer with Piotr's car and our car on a 2 place trailer. He had a flat on the trailer that cost him about 4 hours in Wisconsin. I went bed thinking all was OK.

This morning I wake up a bit early and check what time it is on my phone. I notice that I missed 3 calls. I think there must be something wrong with my phone, but investigate more. I call voicemail and it is my dad at 2 am saying that Mike and the Truck are stopped and there is a big problem. I call my dad and he explains the whole story.

Basically Mike got pulled over in Minnesota. Originally it was for stolen plates. No the plates were not stolen, just a mix up, but enough attention was drawn to the vehicle. The total weight of the truck and trailer is too much for my uncle's license. He needed a CDL (commercial drivers licence). He got two tickets and they left him at a rest stop telling him that if he kept driving he could face huge fines and jail time...

WOW. What can ever prepare you for this stuff? We normally drive my 3/4 ton truck and a enclosed trailer to all of the events, but for this event we tried to save some money and teamed up with PPD Motorsorts. I guess not! By no means PPD's fault, but wow!

All day today we called everyone we know to figure out what we could do. Very stressful, and more than one time we considered withdrawing from the event. Press on Regardless...We hired a driver with a CDL to make the rest of the trip. Hopefully he has no more issues and my uncle makes it home safe to his family. I feel so bad for Mike! I don't ever want to put someone through this again! I count on so many people to do these rallies, and sometimes I wonder how I can ever repay them. Someday I will find a way!

We all jump on a plane tomorrow headed to the West coast. Wish us Luck!