Sunday, April 12, 2009

>>> Olympus Bound >>>>>

The T - Hanson Motorsports team is headed west to ABERDEEN WASHINGTON for the OLYMPUS RALLY !

Co-Driver Terry has been working feverishly in Traverse City, prepping the car and reinstalling the Fresh Motor and NEW Transmission.

For the western adventure T-Hanson is teaming up with the PPD Motorsports Team, sharing a large truck and 2 place trailer in an effort to save costs! Today the truck was loaded, tomorrow the cars will be loaded and Mike will hit the road for his 2300 mile road trip.

Everyone else will be flying in on Thursday. Friday is a one pass reconnaissance pass. Saturday and Sunday are all racing! We can’t wait!

The Olympus Rally is returning to its roots in the western Washington. Leg 1 will go from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the high crests of the southern Olympic Mountains where you can see the highest peaks of the Olympics to the north and the ocean to the south.

Leg 2 will head south to the world famous Brooklyn Tavern Stage, the fast and flowing Smith Creek Stage and the small town of South Bend. This will be a very scenic and fast flowing rally that will be one of the highlights of your year.

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