Saturday, July 31, 2010

T. Hanson Motorsports new partners for X Games 16

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Grassroots rally car driver Travis Hanson has arrived in Los Angeles after a cross country, coast to coast trip, which was supported along the way by fellow Subaru drivers and fans. Hanson has traveled across the country to compete in Rally Car Racing in the LA Memorial Coliseum at the X Games this weekend.

Hanson traveled from Littleton, NH to Los Angeles to compete with big names in rally and action sports like Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, Dave Mirra, and former Indy 500 winner Kenny Brack. Along the way Hanson and team met with fans at the Giant’s Stadium just outside of New York City and later held a barbeque with Broken Motorsports, a supporting partner of Hanson, in New Jersey.

Along the way Hanson also made a stop in Toledo, OH, where he met with Team Illuminata Racing, who has partnered with Hanson and provided him with a brand new set of Braid Wheels for his X Games appearance. Clutch manufacturer Exedy has also teamed up with Hanson for this spectacular event, providing their parts and support.
Further down the road Hanson made a stop In Indianapolis at Tom Wood Subaru, a local Subaru dealership. The Indiana Impreza Club and fans gathered for a meet at the dealership where they presented Hanson with a collection of funds to donate to the cause and then escorted him out of Indianapolis, flanking his truck/trailer with their Subarus. The Subaru factory in Lafayette, IN even sent a representative down for the meet and presented Hanson with a care package as well. Look for an Indiana Impreza Club sticker on the car this weekend at the X Games.

Some last minute support came in from BFGoodrich as well. Hanson will be driving on their special made rally tires this weekend at the X Games.

Click here for more info from BFGoodrich

“I wouldn’t be here without the support of these people and everyone who has helped me along the way, especially the fans. We would have been done after New England had we not gotten the help,” said Hanson. Hanson was invited to the X Games after a very impressive first start of the Rally America season that saw a couple first place finishes on the Super Production podium. Unfortunately though, his season ended badly in the New England Forest Rally after his suspension gave way and broke apart in mechanical failure as he was contesting the Super Production championship.

“We might be down on power, we might have the most competitive vehicle, but our heart and desire is greater than the competition. No one wants to be here more than me right now,” said Hanson. Hanson is brining his 2007 Subaru WRX STi Super Production car from the Rally America Series to compete against a field of Rallycross cars which are lighter and much more powerful, in some instances twice as powerful. “This is the most challenging thing I’ve done in my entire life,” said Hanson of his competition.

Hanson, his team, and especially his fans have the heart to compete though. His fans are especially full of heart, they have sent him to the X Games and many of their names appear on the side of the car as a testament to that. At X Games he will be one David vs. eleven Goliaths.

“The biggest upset in X Games rally car racing history came at X Games 14 when Travis beat PWRC favorite Niall McShea in their preliminary match up. I expect nothing less from Travis at X Games 16,” said J.B. Niday, Rally America’s Managing Director. Hanson has competed as an underdog before two years ago and is used to the challenge. This year will be harder though as the competition has gotten better, but that hasn’t deterred him from the 3,000 + mile long drive across the country to compete for his fans.

Hanson and his fans have been manning a grassroots donation and t-shirt sales drive to send him to the X Games. Northern Michigan lifestyle company M22 has provided the team shirts that have been for sale at

The X Games is the premier event in the extreme sports world and sets the stage for competition across various sports including skateboard, BMX, motocross, rally racing, and others. Rally Car Racing for X Games 16 will be held in the historic LA Memorial Coliseum. Rally Car Racing is the extreme sport of auto racing. Two drivers go head to head with each other on a dirt and tarmac course full of hairpins, fast straits, and big jumps.

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