Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hanson gets BRAIDS for X-Games

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July 27th, 2010
Birmingham, Michigan

Courtesy of our friend @ TIM;

Paul Eddleston
TIM Team Illuminata Motorsport
BRAID competition wheels

No, it's not a new rally hair style but Team Illuminata Motorsport (TIM) is
excited to be represented at the 2010 X-Games by non other than Travis
Hanson in his Subaru WRX.

"Travis is a Michigan native and a terrific competitor. We are glad to be
able to help him participate in the X-Games his year" said TIM owner Paul
Eddleston. Travis and will be using BRAID's Winrace Acropolis gravel rally
wheels to conquer the dirt and jumps of the upcoming event held every year
in down town Los Angeles.

BRAID wheels are imported to the USA by Team
Illuminata and have gained great acceptance in the rally arena since their
introduction just two years ago. They build wheels for all forms of
motorsport including rally, track, three piece, forged, Fuchs replicas and
classic. See for more information.

Hanson has competed all year long with no sponsor and has become known as,
"That white Subaru," by the fans. On news of his upcoming X Games
competition his grassroots movement has gained speed and many fans have
been donating money and purchasing M22, a Michigan lifestyle company,
provided t-shirts at Hanson's web-site ( Hanson will be
competing against some of the great names in rally and racing including,
Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Indianapolis 500 winner Kenny Brack, who
won gold at the X Games last year.

Hanson's efforts have captured the imagination of his fans across the
country and this has become an American dream in the making. Hanson got his
start in rally racing in 2005 after spectating for the first time at the
Sno*Drift rally near his home in Michigan. He has gone through leaps and
bounds in the sport, competing at the X Games once before and becoming a
rally instructor. His current trip to the X Games has given his fans
inspiration that if someone puts some heart and hard work into their dreams
that they can come true. That's why they are escorting their hero all the
way to the historic LA Coliseum in Los Angeles, California where the battle
for gold and glory will take place. Follow T. Hanson Motorsports on
Facebook @T. Hanson Motorsports; Twitter @thanson523; or blog, and web-site

Look for the car kicking butt on ESPN Saturday, July 31 2 - 6 p.m. and 7 -
11 p.m.

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