Saturday, June 5, 2010

STPR Day 1 - Update - 2 Front Flat tires and lost time !

STPR roads are known for the rough, suspension pounding jumps, car crushing trees and tire slicing surface.

T-Hanson has started day one with a great lead, fast times, and unfortunate damage.
In the early Waste-Management stages, the car got a left front flat. Travis was about to pull off to change the tire, when the right front also took a laceration and went flat. With only 1 spare, the team decided to press on the 5 miles to the finish of the stage. Controlling the car on 2 front flats is difficult, as the tires shred themselves apart, the race rims begin to take the abuse of the rough rock roads.

At the end of the stage, a competitor lent the team a spare, and both fronts were replaced, unfortunately four positions and two minutes of time was also lost.

Travis and Terry will push hard to make up the lost time and regain a comfortable position in the class standings. Keep updated with more info as it is available via Rally-America bulletins -