Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hanson Rolls Out on SS9 - Saturday, June 5, 2010

Travis and Terry Hanson (Car #523) rolled their car on the Randall I stage (SS9) and are out of the rally. This DNF compromises Hanson's large lead in championship points.
Driving at this level of speed and precision, every little rock, tire slip, steering movement , brake pulse and throttle input is critical. The nature of a rally road is ever-changing as every car goes down the road. Driver and Co-drivers must be in perfect harmony, synchronized with the car and the Jemba pace notes. Even when everything is perfectly aligned, disaster is still a possibility. STPR has pinched the T-Hanson Motorsports team once again.

This is a major upset for T-Hanson Motorsport. A DNF ( did not finish) is a huge loss in point and puts the championship battle into a very tight fight. Knowing the championship is still within their grip, Travis and Terry have evaluated the damage. The team is heading back to home base in Traverse City Michigan, and will be planning to rebuild the car in the coming weeks to prep for the NEFR event in Maine, July 15 -17th 2010.

Look for more updates soon !