Saturday, April 10, 2010


For Immediate Release;

T. Hanson Motorsports Claims Second SP Class Win, Increases Championship Lead.

(March 18, 2010) The father-son team of Travis and Terry Hanson claimed another win in the Super Production (SP) Class at the 100 Acre Wood Rally which was held February 26-27, 2010. The teams dominating performance on the first day of competition built a lead that proved insurmountable for the other SP competitors. Travis kept the pace high and the team finished cleanly in 5th overall, splitting the more powerful open class field.

After the first day Travis had won all five stages in the SP class and gained a lead of over two minutes. After an impressive show of speed and skill at Sno*Drift held at the end of January Travis goes on to say, “I wanted to push hard from stage one and see where everyone else was after the first day,” explained Travis. “I felt the need to prove our speed at Sno*Drift was not just a one time deal.”
Day two started much like the first with the team winning the first four stages in SP and stretching their lead to over three minutes. “After the super special we brought our pace down to maintain our lead,” Terry stated. “We had a good lead in SP and there was little chance of us catching Dave (Mirra).”

When the champagne was sprayed T. Hanson Motorsports had won the SP class by over two and a half minutes. Two consecutive wins make Travis and Terry the team to beat. With 44 points they lead the Rally America SP championship. Overall they are tied with Subaru Factory Driver Dave Mirra in fifth with 20 points.

“We are really excited about our great finishes. It puts us in a great spot for a run at the championship,” Travis added, “but honestly we had only planned to do a couple of events this year. Finances are tight and we pay for all race expenses ourselves. We have a lot of work ahead to make it to all of the remaining events.”

T. Hanson Motorsports has assembled a marketing team which is getting the word out about what the team can offer sponsors for the coming races and rest of the season. “We are actively searching for partnership opportunities and have heard comments on our all white car, we are presenting a chance to put some color on it!” encouraged Travis.

We look ahead to the next Race the Olympus Rally in Olympia, Washington, this April 24-25. Preparations have begun at T. Hanson Motorsports to make the car fully prepared to complete the season.

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